Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back On Track

I was going to delete the previous post as it was only intended to be a test post. But then I thought better of deleting it. I think this is because I slowly realised that it was about something more than just saying: "Hello, I'm back!"

One reason for my not posting for so long was to do with the fact that I was reluctant to upgrade my blog. I had steadfastly ignored all the prompts from over the months to do this. I’m always inherently suspicious of upgrades. It’s been my experience that along with all the blandishments they usually come with all sorts of unforeseen “challenges”. I didn’t want to know. I was happy with the old version thank you very much. But of course, as is the way with technological change, the inevitable happened. I was no longer given a choice. I could no longer log on to the system.

The only trouble was that I quickly realised I was out of depth and couldn’t manage to navigate my way to realise my brave new blog. So I didn’t bother. For three months.

But then my good friend, Kim Ayres, aka, the rambling, bearded one, came to the rescue and talked me through the whole process. It was like a scene from Airplane but we got there in the end.

Kim is also the person who got me started with my blog in the first place and introduced me to the seductive and addictive arena of the blog universe.

So the previous post will stay. This is partly because it symbolises my “long awaited return” but also, more importantly, because for me it encapsulates one outcome of a very positive and much valued friendship.