Saturday, August 12, 2006

Change your life in seven seconds

I told a friend of mine about the book by Paul McKenna called How To Change Your Life In 7 Days. Her response was that this wasn't possible. It was just too quick.

I make no claims about Paul Mckenna's book other than it is worth getting hold of if you're new to the self-help field as it's a really good synthesis of material that you'd have to trawl through a lot of other books to find. In other words, it's not that original but a good, accessible introduction.

What I said to my friend, however, is that you can change your life even more rapidly than in 7 days. In seven seconds to be precise. The change is simply having the realisation that happiness is a choice you make regardless of circumstances. Victor Frankl, the Nazi concentration camp survivor, called this "the last of the human freedoms" which is about deciding "to choose one's way."

I came to this insight one evening while I was having a bath (very Zen). In the moment of stepping out of the bath and drying myself off, it felt like stepping into a positive, new life - a rebirth. All I had done was decide to be happy. I went on from then to discover more about positive thinking and to develop the happiness habit.


Kim Ayres said...

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